Dim Sum

All our dim sum is made fresh and is available on our menu or to buy and prepare at home.

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    Pan-fried dumpling filled with cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and soy mince.
    R40 / 5pcs
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    Crystal Pyramid

    Steamed dumpling filled with bamboo shoots, edamame beans and carrots.
    R16 / 1pc
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    Cha-siu Bao

    Steamed bun filled with tangy barbecue-flavoured soy filling.
    R20 / 1pc
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    Sacha Bao

    Pan-fried bun filled with cabbage, carrots, glass noodles, soy mince, bamboo shoots and wood-ear mushrooms.
    R20 / 1pc
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    Steamed dumpling filled with sticky rice, exotic mushrooms, water chestnuts, soy mince, tofu and wood-ear mushrooms.
    R16 / 1pc
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    Daikon Dumpling

    Steamed dumpling filled with fresh daikon strips, king oyster mushrooms, tofu, shiitake mushrooms and a hint of chilli.
    R16 / 1pc
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    Pak-choi Dumpling

    Steamed dumpling filled with pak-choi, pickled Chinese mustard greens, tofu chunks, mushrooms and chill.
    R16 / 1pc
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    Turnip Cake

    Traditional steamed rice cake with daikon strips.
    R10 / 1pc
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    Spring Roll

    Crispy pastry filled with cabbage, carrots, mung bean sprouts, tree mushrooms and nori.
    R10 / 1pc
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    Fried Wonton

    Crispy deep-fried dumpling filled with soy mince, mushrooms, water chestnuts and a hint of chilli.
    R10 / 1pc
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    Seaweed Rice Stick

    Traditional sticky steamed rice cake mixed with seaweed and sesame seeds.
    R10 / 1pc
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    Sesame Balls

    Crispy coat of white sesame seeds with a ball of soft chewy rice enclosing a filling of red bean paste / crushed peanuts & black sesame seeds / dark chocolate.
    R9 / 1pc